Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Don’t know how to make customers feel connected to your brand? KreativoMarketing believes that Email Marketing is an on-target solution for communicating and broadcasting your latest brand updates, helping you to uphold as well as expand your customer base.
  1. Custom Template Design Tailored template designs assenting with the mail content and the target market segment.
  2. Structured Email Campaigns Organizing and sharing the emails in a sequential chronology for disseminating the latest information and establishing uninterrupted communication with the customers.
  1. Mobile Optimized Mailing Create mobile pertinent emails comprising of ideal CATs and Message Preview Texts compelling readers to probe the message.
  2. Best Marketing Strategy A Personal Selling marketing tool, landing directly in the mailbox of your target customers stimulating emails gripping customers, and fostering lead conversions.
According to stats, 99% of consumers check their email every day and it is by far the preferred way to receive updates from brands. On point, Email Marketing leads to:

Boost in Sales


Target Reach


Cost Cutouts


Instantaneous Impact

Why Email Marketing?

Ideal Self-Promotion Platform
With an excellent design-content matrix promote yourself in the target market without a hitch.
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Personal Contact List
Emails, personal communication tool working wonders even in the era of social media, boosting customer relationship management.
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